Beloved - GuruShabad Singh CD

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The CD Beloved is a compilation of Gurbani Shabads, composed to western style guitar music in wonderful melodies. Back in 1977 Yogi Bhajan gave Gurushabad Singh the Shabad of Guru Gobind Singh, Re Man Eh Bidh Jog Kamaao… and asked him to put it to music.

The Shabad Re Man Eh Bidh Jog Kamao was first sung only in English. After Gurushabad Singh had played it for the first time at Yogi Bhajan’s class, he requested Gurushabad to add the Gurmukhi-scripture (the holy, mantric language of the Sikhs) to the song. That were the beginnings in our history when Gurbani, which was so far to be heard only in traditional Indian raga style, was first composed to western style guitar music in both Gurmukhi and English. Gurushabad Singh was one of the first pioneers in this totally new form of spiritual music.

For Gurushabad Singh, on an intuitive level, the music on Beloved is what Yogi Bhajan had in mind for the people in the West: He wanted us to be able to sing Gurbani in our ‘own’ (Western) style of music, incorporating English to understand the meaning so we can, as Yogi Bhajan stated, “choreograph in our minds what the Gurbani is saying.”

Jai Te Gang is one of six shabads on the album, so you can enjoy this powerful shabad along with five other beautiful shabads, which are all 3HO 'favorites', for example: Ram Das Sarovar Naatay, Narayan, as well as other popular classics.

Ram Das Sarovar Naatay (09:12)
Narayan (Narayan Shabad) (16:31)
Satgur Kee Sewa (06:40)
Bhinee Rainareeai (07:48)
Jai Te Gang (12:46)
Dukh Bhanjan (12.28)