Destiny - Yogi Bhajan 2 CD set

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As a Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan understood the impact of the sound current on the human psyche. In addition to the meaning of what he said, he used his voice to create a Divine energy field. Those who sat in his presence and heard him were automatically elevated by the sound. By reciting these affirmations along with him in the meditative postures which he gave, you can unite with your own Infinity.
These four affirmations are from a series of White Tantric Yoga® seminars. He said by reciting these affirmations with him in the meditative postures he gave (described in the CD), they would penetrate the very core of your being, helping to release old thought patterns, allowing you to manifest your destiny.
Breath of Life (31:03)
Love is Love (31:03)
God Is All (31:03)
Me and God are One (31:03)