Flow of Naam, The - JM Levry/Gurunam CD

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By practicing Naam, you begin to live from your heart instead of your head. The body becomes attuned to a state of perfect healing, thereby granting you the love, faith and hope to sustain it. By vibrating Naam, you are able to develop intuitive awareness, spiritual intelligence and health. Allow this spiritual technology to open your inner eye to the unseen and your inner ear to the unheard. Naam is the truth that leads to the great Truth, and Truth is what guides us to happiness. All music on the Rootlight label has been created during the most positive and healing phase of the moon to magnify the beneficial impact upon the listener. Included inside are suggestions for working with these sacred sounds.
Healing Beyond Medicine Series. Vibrating the sacred Sound current, or Naam, will turn you into a center of radiance and magnetic energy. It will bestow upon you a beautiful, luminous aura and give you the capacity to heal others with your presence, touch and words. Naam is the most powerful tool available for opening the heart and for the removal of mental, physical and spiritual suffering. It leads to the development of benevolent, magnetic personality and radiant spirit.

1. Mul Mantra 11:00 min
2. Har Wahe Guru Sat Nam Har Haree 11:00 min
3. Guru Gaitri Mantra 11:00 min
4. Sat Nam Wahe Guru 11:00 min
5. Love, Peace and Light 11:00 min