Heart of the Universe - Snatam Kaur CD

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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Music
Heart of the Universe is a uniquely beautiful musical partnership between the sublime vocal energy of Snatam Kaur and the talented, multi-Grammy Award nominated pianist, Peter Kater who also has produced this album.

Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater invite you to a journey through the intimate pathways of the soulful songs on their album Heart of the Universe. With a combination of soaring piano arrangements, the soothing and sacred vocals of Snatam Kaur, and the rich textures of the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra, the spiritual songs and ancient mantras are brought to life in a fantastic musical experience.

Song of Your Heart (6:02)
Sanctuary (6:10)
Heart of the Universe (8:47)
Soft Like Wax (6:23)
Just To Know You (6:55)
Carry Me (8:45)
Again and Again (7:29)
Satigur Prasad (6:43)