Joy is now - GuruGanesha & Snatam Kaur CD

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Joy is Now features compelling duets and kirtan call-response between GuruGanesha and Snatam Kaur, whose unforgettable voices create a counterpoint of masculine and feminine, strength and sweetness, earth and ether.
GuruGanesha's signature guitar work enters new raag/jazz influenced realms in a sparkling conversation with a diverse ensemble of classical Indian insruments including sitar, sarod, esraj, flute and Indian violin.

Guru Ganesha Singh says about the opening track “Peace Has Begun”:
When Snatam and I finished our concert at Golden Bridge in LA in 2007, a man named Steve Robertson came and introduced himself to us. He’s a devotee of sacred music and founded Project Peace on Earth to put on sacred music concerts around the globe in September 2009 with artists like Sting, Madonna, Paul McCartney, and Julian Lennon performing sacred music for peace. Steve was deeply moved by our concert and said he wanted us to participate in this upcoming event. He called it Peace Has Begun. While I was recording my album, Steve invited me to stay with him. We started talking about the Peace Has Begun movement which is afoot amongst people from all walks of life and will not stop until there is a world-wide enduring peace in every nook and cranny of this planet. This album is dedicated to that movement. I have total conviction that peace is breaking out all over the planet and that I will see a complete and abiding peace across the globe in my lifetime. This album is a testament to my belief that Peace Has Begun.

1. Peace Has Begun 9:21
2. Hari Om 11:21
3. Joy is Now 9:21
4. Aad Sach 9:53
5. Sat Narayan 8:51
6. Guru Ram Das Love Song 9:11