Peace Of Mind - Mata Mandir Singh CD

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This CD represents a special selection of music of the multi-talented musician Mata Mandir Singh. It contains some of his most beautiful songs, created in over 20 years of musical activity. His joy to experiment, and the company of various professional musicians, such as the Jazz msuician Alain Eskinasi or the singer Julia Claire, give the music on this album an ever-new colour, carried in each piece by Mata Mandir Singh's gentle voice, which holds the typical and popular, earhty, rhythmic and soft character of this music.

The mostly calm and flowing, yet sometimes beautifully rhythmic pieces on this CD sooth the troubled mind and give a feeling of inner Peace and happiness. The Mantras and texts are based on the tradition of Sikh Dharma and express a peaceful state of mind by meditating on the ONE. None of these titles have ever been published on a CD before.

01 Sochai Soch 10.45
02 Toon Mera Pitaa 9.30
03 Ant Na Siphtee 8.34
04 Ardas Bhaa ee 10.05
05 A Mothers Blessing 10.13
06 Part 1 Bhahuta Karam Medley
06 Part 2 Sat Narayan Wahe Guru
07 Rakhe Rakhanhar 7.16
08 Treasure of Bliss 6.54