Sacred Kiss - Satkirin Kaur CD

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With its nice mixture of English and Gurmukhi, Satkirin Kaurs album Sacred Kiss surges with originality. And with its abundance of straight-up rhythmic pieces, it renders passive foot-tapping obsolete, compelling you to stand up and dance for joy. If you want to introduce someone to Kirtan and spiritual Kundalini Yoga Music, this is the perfect CD.

Many tracks on Sacred Kiss can be traced back to the simple songs shared by Yogi Ji in the 1970s, and Satkirin was there to learn them, sing them, and bring them to us in this remarkable collection. This includes wonderful poetic songs such as the Marriage Song, the Mean Man song, a poem to Yogi Bhajan, and even a song for kids. Some tracks are coupled with mantras, while others are sung in both English and the sacred Gurmukhi.
Several of these songs are also being used in some specific kriyas from the Yoga teacher training Level 2 modules and have not been made available since the 1970’s (like “All things come from God” or “Mean Man”) – this CD combines them all!

Two of the highlights on this CD are an amazing Guru Ram Das Chant and a full recitation of SoPurkh, that special magical verse of Jap Ji Sahib which through its devotional power is said to be perfect for couples and for overcoming any difficulties in your relationship – nicely adding, this piece is accompanied by a male voice.

Musically, this album blends eastern and western instrumentation, creating a vast world of spaciousness. Listening to it, you’ll wonder if you’re in the West of America or in Asia. Picture Genghis Khan and John Wayne riding across the sandy desert of life, and you’ll understand why Satkirin has described Sacred Kiss as “the most enjoyable CD I’ve ever made…it’s just plain fun.”

All Things Come From God - 33rd Pauri Jap Ji (5:52)
- eliminates fear & self destructive nature
Hargobinda Mahan Hai (7:20)
- to overcome depression, celebrates nobility
Beautiful Soul - Sat Siri Siri Akaal (8:07)
- a child's song
Aap Gavaa-ee-ai - Marriage song (8:08)
- a key to contented marriage and partnership
Guru Ram Das Guru (11:24)
- a sacred kiss for all situations
All For You - God and me are one (8:15)
Sopurkh Nirinjan (6:06)
- develops a saintly nature
Jis Neech Ko Ko-ay - Mean Man (7:32)
- to eliminate meanness