Seasons of the Soul - Prabhu Nam Kaur CD

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This is what it sounds like when a simple, humble woman sings a love song to her beloved God. No tricks, no special effects. Just the power of one woman’s devotion, the strength of her heart, and the grace of her Guru.

If you have ever wondered where the divine musical gift of Snatam Kaur comes from, who is so often described as an angel on earth, this is the "earthly" answer:
The purity within her mother Prabhu Nam Kaur is not common. We all have the potential to reach this place of inner stillness, but few of us make the choices to do so and are touched with the grace of the Divine in this way.

Snatam Kaur and Prabhu Nam Kaur sing together on Seasons of the Soul as they have on before on Mother’s Blessing.
But there is a new magic on this album, as if becoming a mother herself has changed Snatam in a way that allows these two gifted singers and remarkable women to interact in a new and deeper way.

They also sing together on Snatam Kaurs album Divine Birth which reflects the profound impact motherhood has had on Snatam Kaur, but on Seasons of the Soul Prabhu Nam Kaur gets to really flex her muscles and show us all, at long last, what her glorious voice and tender heart can really do.

Kaval Nain Madhur Bain (8:02)
Suniai (9:11)
Har Har Har Boleeai (9:57)
Name of my Beloved (7:28)
Mera Man Lochai (19:17)
Oh Blissful Night (4:29)