Silent Moon Meditation - Gurunam Singh CD

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We have all had that moment in life, haven’t we? The one where we sit under the moon and look at it, really look at it, in silent awe and realize that some small part of us shares its magnificence. It’s a part of the human experience to feel how very tiny we are and yet connect with something that is so much bigger than we can even dream.

On the title track of Gurunam Singh’s second album, we sit with him in a Silent Moonlight Meditation, feeling the truth in his words that All I see, All I feel, All I am…is You.
The Divine shines down upon us with grace and peace in the moonlight, and we can feel it within every cell.
Gurunam then begins to guide us through the mantra Ang Sang Wahe Guru (with every cell and every limb of my body, my being vibrates and sings of the Divine.)

This album really is about vibrating the sacred within every part of you. It is like listening to a guided meditation through which you discover more about your own identity and its relationship with Infinity.

Dharti Hai (9:18)
Aad Guray (7:45)
Like a Calm Lake (5:23)
Silent Moonlight Meditation (8:04)
Ma (5:37)
Jai Te Gung (7:23)
Eyes of the Angels (6:37)
Sat Nam Ji (7:02)
Naam (6:16)