A Game of Chants - Ram Singh CD

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Featuring Seal and Friends
It's now the 21st century and our rapidly shrinking planet has no more time to live without 'peace of mind' or 'peace on Earth'. We can't continue to characterize differences between people based on old paradigms of race, religion, culture or gender.
A game of chance is a game of fate, played with cards of doubt, fear and mistrust. A Game of Chants is a game of destiny played with a sense of inner peace, awareness of natural ecology and human togetherness. In this game we create joy with sound. The rhythms of the heart have inspired music throughout the ages and great music can heal the heart. This album is composed in a variety of very distinct heart rhythms. This album is freely composed in melodies that inspire our higher emotions.
A listener's feedback:
"Guru Singh with Seal & Friends' A Game of Chants is fresh in its simplicity. From my first listen, I was singing along! These chants resonate with love and devotion and a unique Western flair based in classic rock "unplugged"). Acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, keyboards and percussion are a refreshing shift from beat-driven, programmed, Eastern-style chant. Uplifting, rocking, even bluesy, these chants come from the kundalini yoga tradition of Yogi Bhajan. Seal joins in on some vocals, with his unique warm voice, and Lili Haden adds her violin expertise."

1. Fortunate (4:24)
2. I am what I am that is that (4:01)
3. Wahe Guru (3:28)
4. Aap Sahaee (3:26)
5. Humee Hum (4:38)
6. Wah Yantee (5:00)
7. Guru Ram Das (3:26)
8. Rise Up (4:48)