Bountiful Blissful, Say Saraswati - Musical Affirm. CD

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Bountiful Blissful, Beautiful is a powerful affirmation that starts with "I am bountiful, blissful and beautiful. Bountiful blissful and beautiful I am.".
This is followed by a mantra which translated means: "There is one Creator of the Creation, this is realized through the True Light. Oh my mother I am in ecstasy, for I have found the True Light with ease, and within my mind resounds the music of bliss. With the music of jewels and crystals, the celestial fairies hymn the Word, whom they enshrine in their mind. I am in ecstasy, for I have found the True Light.".

The second track, Say Saraswati has lyrics by Yogi Bhajan and music by Guru Prem Singh for gaining knowledge. It calls on the Shakti or the powerful female energies in the universe invoking happiness, victory, prosperity and fulfillment.

Bountiful Beautiful... (31 Min.)
Say Saraswati (31 Min.)