Dayaal - Nirgun Kaur CD

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With her enchanting album Dayaal, gifted singer and composer Sirgun Kaur reaches a place of surrender to the beauty of the music she was born to sing. Her lilting and angel-like voice carries this album from the sounds of an independent song-writer to the devotion of a kirtan chantress. Produced by mastermind Thomas Barquee whose touch brings layers of orchestral instrumentation that lift Sirgun's music to heavenly heights.

Dayaal means ‘kind’ or ‘compassionate’ – and this is Sirgun Kaur’s soul and spirit which radiates from within each of the tracks. Sirgun Kaur creates the perfect sound and musical balm for the challenges of our modern times.

Dayaal (Satigur Hoi Dayaal) (05:07)
Ma (10:12)
Raj Karega Khalsa (11:53)
Kal Akaal (08:44)
Guru Ram Das (09:47)
Namo Sooraj (06:49)
The Music is Always There (Sa Ta Na Ma) (06:59)