Echoes from the Past - Guru Shabad Singh CD

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Echoes from the Past - Guru Shabad Singh CD
Aquarian Sadhana - Morning Mantras
On his top-selling Sadhana album Echoes from the Past, Guru Shabad Singh is accompanied by Sarab Shakti Kaur Khalsa (vocals), Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa (vocals) and his son Hargobind Hari Singh Khalsa (Bass, Keyboards).

Bring these Echoes from the Past Sadhana Chants with its full and rich vocals, the enchanting melodies, the rhythmic acoustic guitars, keyboards, and gentle percussion into your daily Sadhana. It will help carry you into the Naad of the mantras and the bliss of the Shabd Guru - the universal sound current.

This Sadhana CD is dedicated to the brilliant teacher Yogi Bhajan with deep gratitude for bringing the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Sadhana to the west, and it is one of the most beautiful and popular Sadhana productions ever!

Long Ek Ong Kar (7:12)
Wah Yantee (7:04)
Mool Mantra (7:41)
Sat Siri Siri Akal (7:57)
Rakhe Rakhan Har (7:34)
Wahe Guru Wahe Jio (22:03)
Guru Ram Das Chant (5:32).