Everyday Excellence, The Art of Success - Sadhana Singh

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"Every path I resisted was where I had to go, and everything I disliked was what I had to learn to love... Any dynamic can be changed, corrected, and interrupted, but only if we decide to change it. Even the most ingrained habit can be removed, the most stagnant role can be abandoned, the most instinctive reaction can be avoided, if a conscious process leads us to really want it."
—Sadhana Singh

Everyday Excellence gives you the yogic tools you need to break through your existing patterns that hold you back from being successful. Become the true You! Each of us has the potential to be excellent; it is in our nature. Fulfill your inner longing; live your best life. Yogi Bhajan's Eight Elements of Excellence, as outlined in these pages, is your road map. Begin your journey today — and every day!

"Through sincere and personal anecdotes, Yoga technology, theory and philosophy, this book takes the reader on a journey up the mountain to the glorious peaks of excellence."
—Cristiana Buscarini, Associate Professor of Strategy Department of Health Sciences, University of Rome "Foro Italico".

"Through story, metaphor and example, Sadhana Singh makes Yogi Bhajans Eight Elements of Excellence alive, compelling and within our reach. He applies yogic psychology, philosophy, kriya and meditation to help us navigate the complexity of the mind, drawing out its gifts while dissolving the barriers. Personal and practical, Everyday Excellence stops us right where we are, grabs us up by the collar and places us firmly on the path to our own excellence."
—Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa, PhD, Director Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology.

"Success has been written about by hundreds of people in thousands of ways. Sadhana Singh 's Everyday Excellence transcends the usual con¬versation and applies Yogi Bhajan 's Eight Elements of Excellence to a life well-lived. A personal journey that is rich in its experience and profound in its insight, Sadhana Singh carries us through the process of vision, courage, grit, humility, knowledge, prayer, grace and deter¬mination in order to reach our goals and not only become successful, but also become ourselves — and that's the only thing that matters."
—Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa, Author of the book Everyday Grace: The Art of Being a Woman.

Soft cover, 158 pages, contains meditations with photos.