I have found in me - Mardana CD

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The Soul travels on a journey through the experience of time and space, and on this journey of life she meets challenges, gathers experience and insights and lives through ups and downs. When the Soul is blessed with good fortune, it finds teachers and guideposts who aid to remember its original state of inner peace, joy and unclouded consciousness so that it can reach its true destiny and can become aware again of its unchangeable and blissful nature.

Mardana’s Album I Have Found In Me is describing this journey with great musical depth, making this unique music multifaceted, diversified and full of atmosphere. Gentle and perceptive, expressive, flowing, rich, dynamic, lively, versatile, harmonic, meditative and full of depth – all these attributes can be perfectly applied to the music on Mardana’s Album.

In the tradition of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma, the technology to attain knowledge of the soul through chanting and recitation is called Shabad. The selection of Shabads for Mardana’s album was made with the aim to create a sequence of guideposts which help to achieve a deep inner experience on this journey.
When you listen to this album in one piece, you will find that the songs are inter-connected and follow up on each other in such a way as if it was only one large, long piece of music. It is a specialty of this album that all tracks by themselves are small masterpieces, yet the entirety and oneness of the music becomes something that is bigger than the sum-up of its single parts, and can be experienced as a unity – which it loves to!

I Have Found In Me is a rounded-up piece of art: the beautiful booklet contains an inspiring tale of the course of this journey, telling of the miraculous encounters with teachers and guideposts, leading into the deeper meaning and mystery of the Shabads, Mantras and Songs: the lyrics of the Shabads are embedded therein and thus can be experienced in a wider spiritual context – the circle becomes whole again, the journey ends and begins again, and finds its continuity…

The german music band Mardana, formerly known as Khalsa Jatha, sets new musical accents. On their debut album I Have Found In Me they manifested their musical ideas which have matured over many years, and the making of this album took again several years – the result is a sophisticated musical variety, which through great enthusiasm and richness becomes a real pleasure to listen to.

A special focus of Mardana lies on the polyphonic singing, the choir, where the artists melt and become one – and take the listener with them. The individual voices and musical qualities of the three Mardana-musicians find an excellent expression and create a wonderfully wide range of musical colors, moods, sounds, arrangements and orchestrations, which make you want to listen to this album again and again, always finding something new which you haven’t heard before.

Carried by a rich instrumentation of vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards and harmonium, tabla and percussion, cello, flute and ambient soundscapes, the music of Mardana sets a new level. Throughout this musical journey you can hear Yogi Bhajan, who underlines the depth and wisdom of the Shabads and mantras in two wonderful affirmations.
Wide, purely instrumental passages, delicate arrangements, the beautiful polyphonic singing, virtuoso solos, the diversity and variety, and last not least an irresistible meditative and liquid groove make this album great fun and express the joy of the three Mardana musicians: this album is more than just beautiful, spiritual mantra music - it is a musical feast for the ears on the highest level, which will immediately draw you into its magic!
The last track, Infinite Ong, was the Yoga Festival Meditation of the year 2012 at the European Yoga Festival, featuring Gurudass Kaur.

Aap Sahai Hoa Shabad (10:24)
Bhand Jammee-ai (11:51)
Moo Laalan (08:11)
Wahe Guru Naam Jahaaz Hai (08:34)
Jio Bhavai (06:38)
Bahuta Karam (07:58)
Wahe Guru Wahe Jio (08:09)
... I Have Found In Me (01:47)
Infinite Ong (11:49)