Illumination Sadhana - Guru Shabad Singh CD

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Guru Shabad Singh & Special Guests
Guru Shabad Singh's qualities shows – besides his "Evergreens" Sa Re Sa Sa and Pavan Guru - especially in his compositions of Sadhana-melodies. These morning-chants are a timeless treasure, and this inspires Guru Shabad Singh to compose new melodies every once a while. With each of his compositions, he shows that he is truly a "master of melodies".

On his new Illumination Sadhana, once again Guru Shabad Singh shows his talents as musician and composer. He is accompanied by other musicians such as Dharm Singh (Keyboards), Guru Amrit Kaur (Vocals), Angela Ledl (Violin) and his wife Sarab Shakti Kaur (Vocals) as well as his son Hargobind (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Bass), who is also the producer of this album.

With catchy melodies and soft, gentle rhythmic arrangements, this CD is truly an illumination - it brightens your mind and spirit. The Sadhana Meditations had been given by Yogi Bhajan especially for the morning yoga and meditation, but they are also suitable for any other form of meditation or yoga, or simply for listening – for your own inspiration, relaxation and clarity.

Long Chant
Wha Yantee
Mul Mantra
Sat Siri Siri Akal
Rakhe Rakhan Har
Wahe Guru Wahe Jio
Guru Ram Das