Kundalini Yoga for the heart center DVD

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Expand the heart chakra ad open yourself to abundance & prosperity is a one-hour Kundalini Yoga class taught by experienced yoga teacher Akasha with wonderful live music by Jai-Jagdeesh that opens the heart center and attracts opportunity and prosperity to come into your life. This special Kundalini Yoga set helps you realign your approach to prosperity by connecting with the plane of attraction through your heart center. This set takes you on a spiritual and physical journey into yourself and your heart, teaching you how to recognize your value and attract prosperity to you. The set closes with a powerful Green Energy Meditation which directs the flow of energy through the heart center and creates an even balance between the energy of giving and receiving. Green is the color of the heart chakra which promotes healing, love and abundance.

Kundalini Yoga for The Heart Center is taught by Akasha with live music by Jai-Jagdeesh and her band. Practice this incredible yoga set while listening to the great music and connect to the yogis and yoginis around you as you are uplifted and inspired by the group energy - no matter where you are practicing.
Expand the heart chakra ad open yourself to abundance & prosperity. Live music with Akasha and Jai-Jagdeesh