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Listen is an album of Eastern chants and hymns rendered in Western modern classic music forms with spacious instrumentation, warm percussion textures and a jazzy bass line. Sat Kartar’s enigmatic voice journeys from deep and sultry to lively and expansive on this collection of songs from the Kundalini Yoga and Sikh traditions.

“You were sent here to listen deeply…….Listen with all of your being.”– Guru Amar Das

Listen includes many beautiful versions of mantras which have been consciously arranged to open the heart to the sound current of our Dharma. In her version of Sa Re Sa Sa, Sat Kartar Kaur pairs the mantra with words from the translation of Anand Sahib, using the beloved phrase from the Song of Bliss, “Oh my Mother, I am in Ecstacy.” The mantra Ad Such is paired with Wahe Guru because both mantras are part of a meditation the the Siri Singh Sahib gave for making wise choices. And she included the three mantras Gobinday Mukunday, Ek Ong Kar Satgur Prasad, and Ad Such, because they each help to maneuver through blockages.

Sat Kartar Kaur is particularly excited to offer the first musical recording of the Laya Yoga Mantra. In her words, “I felt that the only musical match for the Laya Yoga Mantra would be a timelessly loved piece of classical music that even children worldwide enjoy the magic of. I felt that Tschaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite movement "Arabian Dance" would match the mystery and enchantment of the Laya Yoga Mantra’s caliber, and could support it meditatively.”

01 Sat Gur Prasad 11.17
02 Jaap Man Sat Nam 7.53
03 Gobinday Mukunday 11.26
04 Laya Yoga 11.00
05 Sa Re Sa Sa 11.06
06 Aad Such 10.30