Marriage on the Spiritual Path - Shakti Parwha Kaur

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Marriage on the Spiritual Path - Shakti Parwha Kaur
Mastering the Highest Yoga

Shakti Parwha Kaur, author of Kundalini Yoga: The Flow of Eternal Power, now brings you Yogi Bhajan’s yogic technology and insight on Marriage and relationships.

"Marriage is not what we understand, actually marriage is what we are trying to understand on this earth….. The practical reality is that marriage is the most misunderstood institution ever created by man…"
- Yogi Bhajan

Shakti Parwha Kaur has put together a "must read" manual for singles and couples. Here is a practical guide to understanding and achieving a successful spiritual marriage while keeping up with the demands of daily living in the 21st Century. This is a great book for all those who are married or wanting to get married - it is also great for couples who are in a steady relationship and wish to maintain it.

One thing though… if you buy the book…you have to actually read it! As Yogi Bhajan used to say: "A donkey with bibles piled on his back doesn’t make him a priest."

Marriage on the Spiritual Path is a fantastic book with a pragmatic approach to a most mystical union:
What is love? A down-to-earth answer to head-in-the-clouds romantics.
Communication, Communication, Communication! Men and women really are different - what to do when you’re lost in translation.
What questions should you ask - and know the answer to - before you tie the knot?
What are the typical problems - sex, money, and religion - and what can you do to understand and resolve them?
Words to live by, technology to help you not only stay, but play together, with stories to cherish.
Marriage on the Spiritual Path is a primer on how to approach the most important decision you’ll ever make - and a reminder to those who’ve already made it: How to be happy, how to be committed, and how to successfully unite in an often divided world.

"Marriage has not been understood by the Western world at all. It was understood by the Eastern world but is forgotten there too. So at this time, the institution of marriage is in total limbo. People do not know what to do with it: people do not know what to do without it."
- Yogi Bhajan.

Softcover, 172 pages.