Sadhana Chants - Mata Mandir Singh CD

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Sadhana Chants Live in Sweden - Mata Mandir Singh CD
Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa

Mata Mandir Singh says about this album:
"For me, there is no greater pleasure than to sit with friends to chant and make music together. For one week in July, 2000, we had the unique opportunity to sit with 50 yoga teachers and students at the Swedish Yoga Festival each morning at 5AM and do just that.

By day 4, our two person band had grown to five, and the sangat was singing so sweetly, and the vibrations so harmonious, I suggested that we record it in order to share it with others. The result is this truly live recording of what transpired in the early morning hours on the shores of the fjords leading to the Baltic Sea in beautiful Sweden".

Wah Yantee (7:38)
Ek Ong Kar... Mul Mantra (7:25)
Sat Siri Siri Akaal (8:17)
Rakhe Rakhanhar (7:30)
Wahe Guru Wahe Jio (21:36)
Guru Ram Das (5:55)
May The Longtime Sun Shine Upon You (1:55)