Turn of the Age - CD av Mata Mandir Singh

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Experience the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius with music to tune in to the eternal flow of the spirit. The rich and devotional singing of Mata Mandir Singh merge with the yearning sounds of the Indian cittern, violin, guitar, penny whistle and tabla, bringing a melodic and spiritual-contemplative highlight to the release. Turn of the Age is perfect for any listener looking for centering, states of awareness, creative enhancement, meditation, yoga, bodywork, and deep listening.

Mata Mandir Singh says about this CD:
This CD is dedicated to the children of the Age of Aquarius. In the Sixties, there was a configuration of stars that was the beginning of the cusp period of the Age of Aquarius. Many young people began to rebel against the systems of society that were seen to repress the true human spirit. We let our hair and beards grow and began to meditate without knowing why. We marched against wars for profit, and looked for new ways to express our reality. Many took drugs and died, many were put in prison, many began spiritual practices to keep their energy up.

Some of you may remember the prophetic song, “Age of Aquarius,” from the musical “Hair.” The astrological configuration talked about in the song happened a few months ago as I am writing this. I received an e-mail to that effect on that day that it was happening, and I sat on my roof terrace in Mexico the whole night singing my own version of the song to the stars, the moon and the village dogs. As I’ve been saying in concerts recently, “I have been waiting 30 years to sing this song, so you will all just have to put up with it because now I am going to sing it.” So I hope you enjoy the version herein.

1. Sat Narayan Wahe Guru 8.18
2. Slok 8.08
3. Hummee Hum Brahan Hum 12.25
4. Aquarius 9.43
5. Pavan Guru 12.05
6. Mansions & Pearls 12.24