Between the Shores of our Souls Mirabai Ceiba CD

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Between The Shores Of Our Souls - Mirabai Ceiba CD
Songs of love and longing - featuring the poetry of Rumi & Kahlil Gibran

Between the Shores of Our Souls is an album that enfolds you in a beautiful dream. Delicately wrought of shimmering sonic textures and soft, beguiling vocals, it is a dream woven from the eternal heart-play of romantically divine love. This intimate musical and lyrical space is a world well known to Mirabai Ceiba’s Markus Sieber and Angelika Baumbach, longtime lovers, partners in music, poetry, life and the shared path of the spirit.

After Mirabai Ceiba’s successful and highly regarded albums A Hundred Blessings and Awakened Earth, they take yet another step into their musical creativity with these subtitled songs of love and longing, drawing the lyrics from the divine poetry of Rumi and Khalil Gibran, two masters of a long literary tradition that takes the burning desire of earthly love as a metaphor for profound spiritual devotion, and vice versa. To this, Markus and Angelika add their own inspired lyrics in English and Spanish, not to mention their own distinctive musical sensibility.

With their album Between the Shores of Our Souls, Mirabai Ceiba bring something unique and entrancing to world devotional music — a sepia-toned European aesthetic. Between the Shores of Our Souls is bathed in a soft-hued aura of cinematic romance, tempered by a kind of Nick Drake/rainy afternoon introspection and the hazy impressionism of the Cocteau Twins, albeit rendered on acoustic instruments, for this is very much an acoustic album.

Through it all, Markus and Angelika alternate their lead vocals like lovers playing a game of hearts. This game grows most glorious when their two voices unite in sweet octaves and harmonies.
Between the Shores of Our Souls is an album that is universal in its appeal, with enormous potential to transcend the "Yoga Music Scene”. For it speaks not of abstract spiritual concepts or exotic deities, but simply of love — something which resonates deeply in all our hearts. This is an album that whispers gently in your ear, a disc to spend some quiet time with either a loved one or alone with your own yearning heart. The dream it weaves will stay with you long after the last languid, hypnotic notes fade into the ether.

1. Between The Shores of Your Souls 3:44
2. Ocean of my Dreams 4:32
3. Become my Life 3:06
4. Inside the Majesty 4:07
5. La Luna 4:31
6. El Instante Eterno 4:52
7. Love Writes 3:14
8. Tells the Clouds to Weep 2:50
9. Breezee at Dawn 4:37
10. Burn of the Heart 4:59