Cycles of Life - Mirabai Ceiba CD

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Cycle of Life - Mirabai Ceiba CD
Kirtan Kriya - Sa Ta Na Ma & Healing Meditation - Ra Ma Da Sa

Cycle of Life is an incredible musical offering from Mirabai Ceiba, with soaring vocals and an orchestra of world instruments that will take you deep into an experience of the self.

Cycle of Life contains music and written instructions for the powerful meditations Kirtan Kriya (Sa Ta Na Ma) and Healing Ra Ma Da Sa. Kirtan Kriya is a meditation to bring balance to one´s life by connecting with the  cycle of creation. Healing  Ra Ma Da Sa is the most powerful healing meditation in the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

1.Kirtan Kriya - Sa Ta Na Ma 32:28
2.Healing Ra Ma Da Sa 33:05
3. Savasana 6:06