Hundred Blessings, A - Mirabai Ceiba CD

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Wonderful music for healing each other, for a life of beauty, of reality, and of spiritual depth. After their Top-selling album Ocean, Mirabai Ceiba offers yet another deep musical sound experience to their fans with A Hundred Blessings – and to all those who will surely become their fans after listening to this album!

"It has been another incredible process of deepening our creative relationship with the sound current of Gurmukhi mantras and spiritual poetry. We pray that the music can serve those sacred words to reconnect us to the universal soul and awaken our hearts to the source of love, endless blessings and happiness which dwell within all of us.
With love,
Angelika & Markus."

Snatam Kaur says about this album:
"A Hundred Blessings is a beautiful album; refreshing, elegant, passionate and real. Mirabai Ceiba with this album and with their music, give themselves without hesitation to the spirit within us all. In this way of passionate giving, they take us into this divine realm of spirit that we all long for."

Deva Premal says about this album:
"Their music comes from a pure space of love and devotion. It is soothing, peaceful, and very meditative."
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A Hundred Blessings (3:32)
Sa Ta Na Ma (8:05)
Pavan Guru (7:57)
Aadays Tisai Aadays (7:25)
Ra Ma Da Sa (11:13)
Joy Like Spring (3:43)
Prithvi Hai (7:01)
Gobinday (6:44)
Despierta (6:20)
Even As Night (3:13)
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