Live in Concert - Mirabai Ceiba CD

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Mirabai Ceiba Live in Concert, 2 CD-Set

The recording of this double CD-album (2 CD-Set!) describes a cycle in Mirabai Ceiba’s touring history, full of stories and great memories, travelling through many countries around the world, meeting all the different kinds of people and cultures, and yet experiencing that we all connect as one in the heart of universal music.

The music captured on the Mirabai Live in Concert-Album in its vivid energetic dynamic is born from the unique alchemy of the moment, happening through the encounter between the musicians on stage and the active participation of the audience, whether chanting together, or through profound listening in an alert state of meditative awareness.

All together, Mirabai Ceiba’s Live concert album refreshingly carries one universal message: one breath, one heartbeat , one world , one love, one peace - Sat Nam.


Disc 1:
Song of Life - Sat Gurprasad
Joy Like Spring
Pavan Guru
La Luna
Tells The Clouds To Weep
Disc 2
Templo del Corazón - Guru Ram Dass
Ajai Alai
Guru RamDas Rakho Sarnaee
Between the Shores - Sat Naam
Inside the Majesty
Maria Durch den Dornwald Ging - Bonus Track