Sevati - Mirabai Ceiba CD

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Sevati is Mirabai Ceiba’s stunning album which explores the relationship to the Unknown and the mystery of life and death presented in ancient Gurmukhi Mantras, touching Spanish and English songs, as well as ancient Native chants.

With Sevati, the duo Mirabai Ceiba reinserted the musical bar a little higher - the ideas, the creativity and the loving lightness, the varied expressed in each piece, make this album a highlight of spiritual music, the mantra music and world music.

For the production of their album Sevati, Markus and Angelika have tried many new things, experimented with various instrumentations, sounds and recording capabilities, carrying the sacred mantras and heart touching English and Spanish ballads, and poured this wonderful richness into a fascinating coherent framework. Their unique and incomparable musical touch and comforting songs for which they are loved by their fans worldwide are the core of this really excellent album!

Executive Producer Karan writes about Sevati:
"Mirabai Ceiba’s newest release is called Sevati, which means both White Rose or also Quiet in Sanskrit. You can feel the joy and sorrow of this life in all its stages. And listening to it, you experience yourself and your heart born again into the silence and wholeness of Sevati."

Har Ji (06:30)
Gobinda Hari (09:09)
Rakhe Rakhanhar (07:05)
Tindu (05:08)
Chattr Chakkr (08:50)
Akal Maha Kal (10:33)
Song of the Stars (06:24)
Waheguru Wahejio (06:51)
Oh Niebla (05:25)