Mantra Masala - Sada Sat Kaur CD

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Mantra Masala - Sada Sat Kaur
Fans of Sada Sat Kaur find that this album even tops her first two albums Angel's Waltz and Shashara - and since these albums are already incredible, we can say that her new release Mantra Masala is even more incredible!

With a deep sense of inner celebration, deep meditation, and a powerful, steady and rhythmic energy, this music is a wonderful journey in connection with your soul.
It is contemporary, divine food for your mind, spirit, body and soul – it deeply touches all of them simultanously with its rhythmic tunes and melodies that seem to come from heavenly realms.
Har Har Har Gobinday (6:43)
Adi Shakti: Bhangra Mix (6:01)
Love in my Heart (8:51)
Sochai Soch (6:23)
Gobinday Mukanday (6:22)
Wah Yantee: Patanjali's Song (8:20)
Wahe Guru Jio (9:44)
Guru Guru Wahe Guru (8:27)