Shashara - Sada Sat Kaur CD

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Sada Sat Kaur's mystical alto combines with an all-star cast of transcendent players and singers to create a CD that moves from whispered intimacy to choral gospel fever. Produced by Jeremy Toback and Chad Fischer (Garden State Soundtrack), Shashara features sublime vocal counterpoint from Paula Cole, ethereal organ work from Rami Jaffee (The Wallflowers), & ambient guitar textures from Greg Leisz (kd lang & Bill Frisell). But what makes the CD so special is the way these great artists let their deeply individual voices merge to serve the greater whole of Sada Sat Kaur's trance inducing devotion.

Adi Mantra 5:16
Mul Mantra 8:08
Ajai Alai 11:11
Sat Siri 7:27
Naam Kumaree 7:12
Hay Gobinda 7:51
Gobinday Mukunday 9:54.